Asia’s Most Dedicated Event For the rapidly growing eldercare industry!

27 - 28 October 2022

Halls 403 Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

About The Event

ELDEX Asia is a B2B2C trade and consumer exhibition with the objective of creating an effective marketplace for international silver economy suppliers to meet and engage with Asia Pacific trade visitors and end-users and also it is held in Singapore, a rapidly aging society with close proximity to other emerging silver markets in South East Asia.

ELDEX Asia has various initiatives, such as Medical and trade conferences about the latest research and new technologies by local and international speakers, industry workshops for health and exercise, eldercare technology showcases to support eldercare and medical industry for healthy ageing in Asia.


Highlight of ELDEX Asia

  • Medical Conference
  • Trade Conference
  • Industry Workshop
  • Experience Zones

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Featuring 6 core segments

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The Great Beyond
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Finance & Insurance and Other Services
Technology, Digital & IT - Eldex Icon
Technology, Digital & IT
Healthcare & Rehabilitation - Eldex Icon
Healthcare & Rehabilitation
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Architecture & Fittings
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Lifestyle & Wellness
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We are here at the 2022 edition of ELDEX, together with four other exhibitors from Japan. We are very happy that we're here year because ELDEX is a very important event, I think because Japan and Singapore has this common issue that is Ageing society. And we are hoping to share some of the very useful technologies from Japan to cater to the need of ageing society in Singapore.

It's really great event. We really appreciate that. We showcase the health district and the technologies for potential application and deployment in the Queenstown. I'm really impressed by the amount of the technologies, services and the solution demonstrated here. And I'm really impressed by the scale of how interesting, innovation and comprehensive solutions. And I'm also impressed by the number of people different from industry, institution, commercial sector, but also the actual people coming. Very interested in the technology, very interested to know what's new on the market, what's available on the market, what we can use to improve our everyday life and it makes sense to organize it. It's really great events. I really enjoy being here at as an exhibitor and also as a visitor and also as a scientist to learn about technologies. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Ms Irina Barbolina Health District @ Queenstown

I just want to say that ELDEX 2022 this year is really, really awesome. Because we get to work with our different partners, connect with them, and really share wonderful information with visitors about what care is all about and the different types of solutions and services we can provide for them. So simply awesome.

So it's great to be part of the ELDEX elder care conference on healthcare. I think that what we try to do is to come and bring a biological component to the question of ageing and longevity. But it's really a holistic process. We need to do a better job of preventing ageing and keeping people healthy longer and at the same time, managing people as they get older to deal with the conditions they have and have the most highest quality of life possible in Singapore. That takes a whole range of different choices, societal choices and architectural choices, but also biomedical choices. And that's what we represent. If we can bring all of this together, we can make Singapore a test case for improving health span in human populations, and hopefully, we can make Singapore the leader in health span in the near future, and conferences like to help us achieve that goal. Thank you.